Cuomo Needs to Resign, Here’s Why

Democratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s troubles are reaching a saturation point with the public and many congressional Democrats, who are demanding


“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Last night over dinner my eldest son, almost 8, asked me if Donald Trump

Musings of one random New Yorker

“Go back to your country,”  “Go back to where you came from!”  “Curry lover.”  “look at that big red dot on your

Post-Covid: Look to Japan

During 2008, I signed a small record contract with an Indie Music Label in Yokohama and had the pleasure to perform my

History Made in Georgia

Last year, the United States descended into pure chaos. Systemic racism was thriving and it resulted in several untimely deaths. All the

America Doesn’t Need a Patriot Act 2.0

While sitting at home attempting to enjoy a relaxing, quarantined birthday, my peaceful mood was shifted to disbelief by reports of White Supremacists storming

Trump for MVP?

We made it! We’re in our third week of 2021, and 2020 has not come back to life yet. 2020 was special

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