2016 Is About To Happen Again

I heard over and over from highly educated, liberal professionals after the 2016 election that some mistake had happened. “The election was

Justice for Ahmaud?

[New Contributor] February 23, 2020 – I don’t remember much about that day for myself. It was a Sunday so I probably


Second Time’s a Charm?

When Kamala Harris made her run for the Democratic Nomination for President, I was very skeptical. I was skeptical and openly questioned

The Woman for the Job

On August 11, 2020, in the midst of a pandemic and primary elections taking place in multiple states, Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden

School in September?

[New Contributor] What will school look like in September? It’s a question that’s at the top of most people’s minds, especially educators.

Biden His Time

Joe Biden appears to be a patient man. You don’t see him on the campaign trail lamenting all the negative aspects of

There is Joy at Night

History will be made on July 20, 2020. MSNBC‘s weekend host of AM Joy will officially be the first African-American woman to

An Icon on the Hill & Beyond

Georgia Representative John Lewis was labeled as the humble giant on the Hill. However, his colleagues referred to him as the Conciseness

You Are NOT Your Ancestors!

Popular opinion always sides with the right side of history. Hindsight being 20/20, that’s an easy decision to make. It’s real easy

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