Hot Afghan Summer

Despite current events, I must start with a shameless plug and state, love is in the air! It’s lingering around me like

America, What Are You Doing?

America abandoned its values over the weekend; however, if I am being honest, it seems as if America began this abandonment long

Afghanistan Taught Us Nothing

So let’s have an honest discussion… We are at point where we can say the United States has been involved in the

It’s *That* We Play the Game

“It doesn’t matter if we win or lose, it’s how we play the game.” An old cliche that finally made complete, visceral

Dictators Are Not Communists

Not that Communism is the best system to have as the primary economic engine, but it’s important to note that no economic

Who Will You Be?

For as far back as my hippocampus extends, I have heard the mantra, “I am a product of my environment.” A legion


My initial reaction to Derek Chauvin’s guilty verdict for the murder of George Floyd was… “and.” “And” in the sense that, a

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