Dictators Are Not Communists

Not that Communism is the best system to have as the primary economic engine, but it’s important to note that no economic

Who Will You Be?

For as far back as my hippocampus extends, I have heard the mantra, “I am a product of my environment.” A legion


My initial reaction to Derek Chauvin’s guilty verdict for the murder of George Floyd was… “and.” “And” in the sense that, a

Chauvin Verdict

The Derek Chauvin verdict reveals the deep divide that remains in our country between races. In a “post-racial” America (aka complete fiction

Cuomo Needs to Resign, Here’s Why

Democratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s troubles are reaching a saturation point with the public and many congressional Democrats, who are demanding


“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Last night over dinner my eldest son, almost 8, asked me if Donald Trump

Musings of one random New Yorker

“Go back to your country,”  “Go back to where you came from!”  “Curry lover.”  “look at that big red dot on your

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